SMART-T details

Details about installing and running SMART-T

Basic setup

  • Download SMART-T from this website using the link above or on the left panel
  • Place the folder wherever. Add the folder and subfolders to the Matlab path or navigate to it.
  • Open up the file InitTobii.m in your favorite text editor
  • Modify the line: talk2tobii('CONNECT','192.nnn.n.nnn', '4455');
  • The newer SMART-T has a field in the GUI where you enter the IP.
    • Replace the IP address with that of your TET Server (see below for instructions on how to find this number)
  • Open up the GUI (TobiiGUI) in Matlab
  • Hit Show screen to run the demo
  • To test connection with Tobii, also check the Connect Tobii box.

Getting the IP address of the TET server

  • For older versions where the TET server was on a PC, the IP address is that of the PC hosting the TET server
  • For newer models (T60, T60XL etc), the address is that of the on-board TET server. To get this address:
    • Connect to the on-board TET server by connecting your Mac to the eye tracker with a LAN cable - make sure it's a crossover cable
    • Look up the ethernet "name" of the TET server on the back of the Tobii. This is the product code, and looks something like XL060-9600037
    • Open up Terminal on the Mac
    • Ping the TET server with the name read off the back of the Tobii, like this: ping XL060-9600037.local.
    • If the ping is successful, you should see the IP address
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